Speech by Brig. General Emeldah Chola during the Launch

It is an honour and privilege to be invited to grace the launch of the Zambia police website. At the same time I wish to hastenly state that the Zambia police plays a very critical role in the maintenance of peace and order across the country.

My ministry’s vision is to strive towards an efficient and effective public service institution that provides and promotes internal security for a safer, secure and peaceful Zambia. In order for this vision to be realised there is need for all departments in the ministry, such as the Zambia police, Immigration, Prisons and others, to demonstrate continuous commitment towards implementing planned action in line with our 2014-2016 ministerial strategic plan.


Madam IG, ladies and gentlemen, am so glad to note that following the launch of the ministry of home affairs website a fortnight ago, Zambia Police has also responded to the government’s policy aimed at reducing operational costs through the use of online communication medium, the website.

Madam IG, I want to agree with you that indeed it is not always necessary for members of the public to travel to police facilities for them to just access basic information on various subjects such as community security tips. The step you have taken will go a long way in improving service delivery to the Zambian public and our cooperating partners across geographical boundaries.


However, the success of this website will largely depend on the extent to which the Zambia Police will meet the expectations of the general public. Therefore, I urge your office to ensure that, at all times, the public’s contributions towards the fight against crime, especially those made through this medium are well acknowledged and professionally attended to. Hence, all police officers serving in their different capacities will need to appreciate the importance of online communication and the Zambia Police website in particular.

Madam IG, ladies and gentlemen, it is government’s policy to introduce and sustain an e-governance system by which the members of the public will conveniently and effectively interact with all government departments to access quality services at a reduced cost. At the same time all the government departments will easily interact with each other without always spending on stationary and mail delivery related services.


The ministry of home affairs stands ready to continue supporting all your efforts targeted at reducing crime. we realise that for Zambia to achieve any meaningful socio-economic development there is need for concerted efforts among all stakeholders in development. Just like the Inspector General of police noted, we cannot do better without receiving feedback from our valued clients, the general public. Therefore, I wish to end by urging the general public to seize this opportunity by making valid contributions to the work of the Zambia Police for purposes of value addition.

With these few words I declare the Zambia Police website officially opened.

I thank you.

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