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2019 THIRD QUARTER GBV STATISTICS 6,788 cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) were reported countrywide during the third quarter of 2019 compared to 6,114 recorded in the third quarter of 2018 showing increases in GBV cases by 674 cases translating to 9.9% increase. A total of 773 Child defilement cases were recorded in the third quarter of 2019 representing 11.4% of the reported cases of which three cases or 0.4% were against boys while 770 cases or 99.6% were against girls. Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of child defilement cases with 353 translating to 45.7%,Central Province had 97 cases translating to 12.5%, Eastern Province, 67 cases or 8.7%, Southern Province, 58 cases or 7.5%, Copperbelt Province had 57 cases translating to 7.4% of the reported defilement cases, Muchinga, 41 cases or 5.3%, Northern, 28 cases or 3.6%, Western 26 cases or 3.4%, North Western recorded 22cases or 2.8%, Luapula Province had 18 cases or 2.3% while Tazara and Airport recorded three cases of child defilement each translating to 0.4% respectively . During the period under review, 133 cases of Rape or 2% and 18 or 0.3% attempted rape cases were recorded. Also recorded were 52 or 0.8% Indecent Assault cases out which 36 or 69.2% were female victims while 16 or 30.8% were male victims. 16 cases of Incest or 0.2% were recorded of which six cases or 37.5% were female victims, three cases or 18.8% were male victims while seven (07) or 43.8% were female victims. 23 cases or 0.3% cases of murder were recorded out of which 10 victims males were translating to 43.5%, nine (09) females representing 39.1%, three (03) boys translating to 13% and one (01) girl victim translating to 4.4% of the reported murder cases. One attempted murder and three infanticide cases were also recorded during the same period. 1,928 cases of Assault OABH were recorded countrywide representing 28.4% of all the reported GBV cases of which 1,640 were against female while 288 male victims representing 85.1% and 14.9% respectively. Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of Assault OABH cases with 512 cases or 26.6%, Central Province recorded 416 cases translating to 21.6%, Copperbelt Province 224 cases representing 11.6%, Eastern Province 218 cases or 11.3%,Western, 166 cases or 8.6%, Southern Province, 115 cases or 06%, Muchinga had 109 cases or 5.7%,North-Western, 57cases or 03%, Luapula, 60 cases or 3.1%, Northern Province recorded the lowest with 26 or 1.3%, Airports Division had 19 cases or 01% and Tazara, 06 cases or 0.3%. During the same period under review, three cases of human trafficking were recorded of which two were from Luapula Province while one was from Lusaka. Out of 6,788 GBV cases reported countrywide, 659 cases representing 9.7% were taken to court resulting in 68 convictions translating to 10.3%, four acquittals or 0.6%, 35withdraws or 5.3% and 552 cases or 83.8% are pending in various courts of law around the country. 3,857cases were withdrawn at various Police Stations while 2,272 are still under investigations translating to 56.8% and 33.5% respectively. Out of the 6,788 total GBV cases recorded for 2019 third quarter, 4,025 victims of GBV were females translating to 59.3%, 1,266 were males translating to 18.7%, 1,253 were girls translating to 18.5% and 244 boys 0r 3.6% were boys. In comparison with the third quarter of 2018, 664 Defilement cases were reported in 2018 against 773 for the same period in 2019 showing an increase by 109 cases or 14.1%. During 2018 third quarter, 2,094 cases of Assault OABH were recorded compared to 1,928 this year indicating a decrease of 166 cases translating to 7.9%. In 2018 third quarter, the country recorded 24 murder cases against 23 cases in 2019 recording a reduction by one case. There is need for more workable interventions by all stakeholders to reduce these ever escalating numbers of GBV cases. A lot of victims in GBV are usually not willing to have their cases prosecuted hence end up withdrawing their cases from Police as seen from the statistics and this is another impediment in the fight against GBV. ESTHER MWAATA KATONGO ZAMBIA POLICE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER 05TH NOVEMBER, 2019


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