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16th February, 2022- A total of 20,540 cases of Gender Based Violence were reported Countrywide in 2021compared with 26,370 GBV cases recorded in 2020 showing a decrease by 5,830 cases translating to a 22.1% decrease. Out of the 20,540 reports, 17,568 were criminal cases while 2,972 were non-criminal reports translating to 85.5% and 14.5% respectively. A total of One Hundred Seven (107) Murder cases were recorded during the period under review.Copper belt Province recorded the highest GBV criminal cases with 3,715 cases.

The 2021 Annual Gender Based Violence Disaggregated Data indicates that 5,301child victims were abused countrywide representing 25.8% of all the victims of Gender Based Violence. Out of the 5,301 children, 4,115 were girls representing 77.6% while 1,186 were boys representing 22.4%. 12,186 women and 3,053 men were abused country wide representing 59.3% and 14.9% respectively. In terms of gender vulnerability, a total of 16,301 females representing 79.4% and 4,239 males representing 20.6% were abused during the period under review countrywide.

The Zambia Police Act N0 14 of 1999 mandates VSU officers to provide professional counselingto victims of crime & to offenders. The 2021 Annual statistical report indicates that a total number of 15,098 or 73.5% were counseled by Victim Support Unit officers countrywide.13,045 or 86.4% counseled were under the criminal case category whereas 2,053 or 13.6% were under the non-criminal case category. Out of the 13,045 counseled under the criminal case category 7,822 or 60% were victims comprising 983 or 12.5% men, 4,598or 58.8% women, 538 or 6.9% boys and 1,703 or 21.8% girls. 5,223 or 40% were offenders in which 632 or 12.1% were men, 3,300 or 63.2% women, 359 or 6.9% boys and 932 or 17.8% girls. Out of 2,053counseled in the non-criminal, case category 1,279 or 62.3% were women, 423 or 20.6% were men, 197 or 9.6% girls and 154 or 7.5% boys.

Further, 793 cases were recorded country wide during the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) compared to 685 cases of GBV recorded during the 2020 16 Days of Activism showing an increase by 108 translating to 15.8% increase.                                                                                     

The 2021 16 Days of Activism against GBV Disaggregated Data indicates that 81 men reported GBV cases representing 10.2%,517 women representing 65.2%,44 boys representing 5.6%and 151 girls representing 19%. In terms of psycho-social support, 340 offenders and 417 victims were counseled during the 16 Days of Gender Activism. In 2020, GBV Disaggregated Data collected during the 16 Days of Activism shows that 107 were men representing 15.6%, 404 were women representing 59%,50were boys representing 7.3% and 124 girls representing 18.1% of all victims of Gender Based Violence. The 2021 16 days GBV disaggregated data is summarized as follows;

Sexual Offences: 99 Women, 23 girls totaling 122

Physical Abuse: 73 Men, 409 Women, 27 Boys and 17 Girls totaling 526.

Economic Abuse: 4 Men, 64 Women, 17 Boys, 34 Gils totaling 119

Emotional Abuse: 4 Men, 21Women, and 1 Girl totaling 26.

Under forms of abuse in the criminal case category, the highest reports filed were under Physical abuse totaling 10,049 translating to 57.2% against 8,942 cases recorded in 2020 showing an increase by 1,107 cases or 12.3% increase. 3,481Economic Abuse reports were recorded translating to 19.8 against4,519 in 2020 showing a reduction by1,038 cases or 23% reduction.3,083Sexual Offences translating to 17.6% were recorded against 3,449 cases in 2020 showing a reduction by 366 cases or 10.6% reduction. 918 Emotional Abuse translating to 5.2% were recorded against 799 cases in 2020 showing an increase of 119 cases or 15% increase.

Copperbelt Province recorded the highest GBV criminal cases with 3,715 cases translating to 21.1%, followed by Lusaka Province with 3,623cases translating to 20.6%. Tazara Division recorded the lowest GBV criminal cases with 130 cases translating to 0.7%. GBV Criminal Statistics from the rest of the Provinces are as follows; Central Province 2,212 cases translating to 12.6%, Eastern Province 1,888 translating to 10.8%, Western Province 1,701 cases translating to 9.7%, Muchinga Province 1,357 cases translating to 7.7%, North-Western Province 1,024 cases translating to 5.8%, Southern Province 925 cases translating to 5.3%, Northern Province 552 cases translating to 3.1%, Luapula Province 221 cases translating to 1.3% and Airport Division 220 cases translating to 1.3%.

409 cases were recorded during Operation Basadi; a female led Simultaneous Code Named Bi-Annual Regional Operation targeted at combatting Gender Based Violence conducted from 26th -28th May and 6th -8thDecember. Operation Basadi is conducted bythe Women‘s Network in all Southern African Regional Police ChiefsCooperation OrganizationSARPPCO member states. Basadi Operation disaggregated data issummarized as follows;

Sexual Offences: 49 Girls, 14 Women and One Boy totaling 64 Victims.

Physical Abuse: 184 Women, 37Men, 15Boys and 10 Girls totaling 246Victims.

Economic Abuse: 67 Women, 10 Girls, fiveMen and fourBoys totaling 86 Victims.

Emotional Abuse: NineWomen, two Men, One Boy and One Girl totaling 13 Victims.

Against 264 cases recorded in 2020 during the Basadi Operation, shows an

Increase by 145 cases translating to 54.9% increase.

The 2021 GBV Criminal Report shows that 3,083 Sexual Offenses were recorded representing 17.6% of all the reported casesagainst 3,449 cases reported in 2020 showing a decrease by 366 cases translating to 10.6%. Out of these 3,083 cases, 2,301 victims were girls translating to 74.6%, 730victims were women translating to 23.7%, 38 victims were boys translating to 1.2%, whilst 14 victims were men translating to 0.5%.

A total of 2,238 cases of Child defilement translating to 72.6% were recorded, of which 2,219 were girls and 19 were boys, representing 99.2% and 0.8% of all the reported cases.

Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of child defilement cases with 798 cases translating to 35.7% of all child defilement cases reported country wide. Central and Eastern Province recorded 264 cases each translating to 11.8%, followed by Southern Province with 248 cases translating to 11.1%. Copper belt Province recorded 154 cases translating to 6.8% and North Western Province recorded 129 cases translating to 5.8% of all the reported defilement cases. Muchinga recorded 127 representing 5.7%.Western Province recorded 106 translating to 4.7%. Northern Province recorded 98 representing 4.4%. Luapula Province recorded 32 representing 1.4%. Airport Division recorded 18 representing 0.8% cases.

Tazara Division recorded nil cases of Defilement representing 0.0% of all reported GBV cases.

Still under Sexual Offences; 426 rape cases of which all were women.

74 attempted rape cases were recorded during the period under review. The country also recorded 169 cases of indecent Assault out of which 119 victims were women, 43 girls, three men and four boys. 64 cases of incest were recorded in which 17 victims were girls, 45 were women and two were men.

Under Physical Abuse, the country recorded 10,049 cases translating to 57.2% of the reported cases, 1,752 victims were men translating to 17.4%, 7,378cases were women translating to,73.4% cases 437 were girls translating to 4.4%, 482 were boys translating to 4.8% against 8,929 cases recorded in 2020 Annual Report showing an increase by 1,120 cases translating to 12.5% increase. Out of 10,049 Physical Abuse cases 8,741 Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (AOAH) cases were recorded country wide representing 87% of all the reported GBV cases. Out of the 8,741 cases of Assault OABH, 7,102 translating to 81.2% were women while 1,639 translating to 18.8% were men.101 cases of Grievously Bodily Harm (G.B.H) were also reported during the period under review by 23 men, 76 women, One girl and One boy translating to 22.8%, 75.2%, and 1% respectively.

107 Murder cases were recorded during the period under review, translating to 1.1% compared to  the 2020 Annual statistical Report in which 82 cases of murder were recorded showing an increase by 25 cases translating to 30.5% increase. Out of 107cases of murder recorded country wide, 64 victims were women translating to 59.8%, 25 victims were men translating to 23.4%, 11 were girls translating 10.3% and 7 were boys translating to 6.5% respectively. 10 cases of attempted murder comprising of two men, four women, two boys and two girls were recorded during the period under review against eight cases recorded in 2020 Annual Report showing an increase by two cases translating to 25% increase.

8,741 cases of Assault OABH cases compared to the 2020 Annual Report in which7,694 cases of Assault OABH showing an increase by 1,047 translating to 13.6% increase.

Lusaka province recorded 1,783 cases of Assault OABH country wide translating to 20.4%.Central Province recorded 1,310 cases translating to 15%. Copperbelt Province recorded 1,151 translating 13.2% of all Assault OAHB cases reported countrywide. Western recorded 1,009 representing11.5%; Eastern 958 cases representing 11.3%. Muchinga Province recorded 951 representing 10.9%.North-Western Province recorded 639 cases representing 7.3%.Southern Province recorded 487 cases representing 5.6%.Northern Province recorded 246 cases translating to 2.8%;Tazara had 112 cases representing 1.3% of all reported GBV cases. Luapula Province recorded 55 cases at 0.6%and Airport recorded 13 cases at 0.1% of all the reported Assault OABH cases.

Ten cases of Human Trafficking were recorded in 2021.The trafficked victims comprised eight women and two girls translating to 80% and 20% respectively. The 2020 Annual GBV Crime Report indicates that 17 cases of Human Trafficking were reported showing a reduction of Seven cases translating to 41.2% decrease.

Under Economic Abuse, 3,481 cases were recorded country wide translating to 19.8%. 1,373 cases of Failing to Provide Necessaries of life and 1,418 cases of Neglecting to Provide Necessaries were recorded translating to 39.4%and 40.7% of all reported cases respectively..

Finally, under Emotional or Psychological abuse, VSU recorded 918 cases translating to 5.2%. 343 cases of the use of Insulting language were recorded against 90 men, 249 women three boys and one girl. Further, a total of 211 cases of Threatening Violence were reported by 48 men and 162 women translating to 22.7% and 76.8% respectively.




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