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The Central Firearms Registry is established under the provisions of subsection (1) of section four of the Firearms Act CAP 110 of the Laws of Zambia.

The Central Firearms Registry is headed by the Registrar of firearms.


The firearms Registry is responsible for the control of the Import, export, movement, storage, possession, sale, manufacturing and repair of firearms and ammunition and other related materials.


The following are offences relating to fire arms:-

  1. Importing firearms or ammunition without an import licence.
  2. Receiving or keeping firearms or ammunition which have been imported without an import licence.
  3. Failing to deposit in a warehouse, any firearm or ammunition which has been imported for sale.
  4. Failing to supply information necessary for the registration of any firearm or ammunition.
  5. Altering or erasing any number or mark from a firearm or part of a firearm.
  6. Exporting firearms or ammunition without an export licence.
  7. Buying, acquiring or possessing any firearm or ammunition without a firearm licence.
  8. Making any false statement in order to obtain a certificate of exemption.
  9. Making any false statement in order to obtain a firearm certificate.
  10. Making any alteration on a firearm certificate.
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  11. Failing to report the loss or destruction of a firearm licence.
  12. Failing to report the finding of a firearm licence which has been lost.
  13. Failing to surrender the duplicate licence when the original has been lost
  14. Failing to deposit in a public warehouse any firearm and ammunition for which the renewal of a firearm licence has been refused.
  15. Failing to deposit in a public warehouse within 48 hours any firearm or ammunition in respect of which notice of the withdrawal of the firearm licence has been served.
  16. Selling, letting or giving any firearm to a young a person under (21 years ) without lawful excuse,
  17. Failing to produce a firearm licence when asked to do so by any police officer.
  18. Failing to permit a police officer to read a firearm licence when a police officer demands to do so.
  19. Refusing to give name and address or giving a false name and address when asked to do so by any police officer.
  20. Failing to produce any firearm or ammunition to a specified place when asked to do so by any police officer or authorised officer.
  21. Selling or transferring any firearm or ammunition to any other person who is not a firearms dealer or the holder of firearms licence.
  22. Failing to produce firearms dealer’s licence when asked to do so by any police officer.
  23. Failing to keep a dealer’s register (i.e. a register in which a firearms dealer enters particulars of all firearms and ammunition he had sold, transferred, repaired or tested).
  24. Making any false entry in a dealer’s register.
  25. Giving false name and address etc. to a firearms dealer.
  26. Unlawfully manufacturing any firearms or ammunition.
  27. Repairing, testing or proving any firearm without being a registered firearms dealer or without a permit from an authorised officer.
  28. Converting any firearm without written permission of an authorised officer
  29. Failing to secure firearms or ammunition
  30. Failing to report the loss of any firearm.
  31. Failing to take precautions against injury or damage while handling any firearm.
  32. Pawning any firearm or ammunition.
  33. Failing to comply with the President’s order regarding his power to prohibit the carrying etc. of firearms.
  34. Carrying firearms when drunk. (power to arrest without warrant).
  35. Possessing firearms with intent to injure. (power of arrest without warrant).
  36. Using or attempting to use any firearm or imitation with intent to resist or prevent arrest.
  37. Obstructing any officer in the execution of a search warrant.
  38. Aiding and abetting or counselling or procuring another to commit any offence under this Act.


Automatic firearms are prohibited. They cannot be owned by any member of the public. An Automatic firearm is a gun which continues to fire bullets until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty. Any individual owning such a weapon for private use should be reported to the Police.


Only people aged 21 years and over are allowed to possess or handle any firearm and ammunition.


Upon the death of the holder of a firearm licence, such licence shall forthwith lapse and any person who comes into possession of the firearms or ammunition to which the said licence relates shall within fourteen days of coming into possession thereof deposit the same in a public warehouse.




  1. Filling in of application forms (form K) from any nearest police station.
  2. Lifting of finger prints from any nearest police station
  3. Attach a copy of identity (National Registration Card or passport)
  4. Attach a copy of order of appointment as administrator
  5. Attach two letters of consent from close family members to the deceased and copies of their NRCs or passports.
  6. Submission of application forms to Central Firearms Registry through the local police or in person
  7. Attach photo copies of licence relating to the said firearm




-          A person who has not attained the age of twenty-one years shall not purchase, acquire or have in his possession any firearm or ammunition, and no person shall sell, let on hire or give any firearm or ammunition to a person whom he knows or has grounds for believing to be under the age of twenty-one years.


-          A fit and proper person - it must be a person who is stable and responsible. Such a person should neither be violent nor be involved in domestic violence, abuse or dependent on alcohol or narcotics.




-          Filling in of application forms (form D) by the local safari company on behalf of the tourist.


-          Attach photo copy of firearm licence from country of origin of tourist.


-          Attach copy of the invitation letter from the local safari company


NOTE:  The application should be submitted before the applicant travels.




1. Filling in of application forms (Form K). This form can be obtained from any nearest Police Station.

2. Lifting of fingerprints from any nearestPolice station.

3. Attach a copy of ID card (NRC or Passport).


4. Issuance of competency (form P) from any Police Station.

5. Submission of Application forms to Central Firearms office at Police Service Headquarters for approval.

6. Issuance of the Provisional Firearm Certificate.


7. Purchase of a firearm from any Registered/Licensed Firearms dealer

8. Issuance of Firearm Certificate from Police Headquarters.

For more Information visit Central Firearms Registry at Police Headquarters. Room 40 ground floor. Telephone 253545 Ext: 325



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