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The Intellectual Property Unit was formed in 2006 as the Anti - Piracy Crack Squad with the aim of addressing the increasing levels of music piracy. In the first three years after its formation, the crack squad carried out several raids on individuals and organizations involved in music piracy. In 2009, The Anti – Piracy Crack Squad was renamed Intellectual Property Unit. This was to broaden its mandate and enable it to deal effectively with all other forms of Intellectual Property infringement such as trademark infringement, and the increasing occurrences of counterfeit products in the country.

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The objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Protect all forms of intellectual property rights
  • Prosecute perpetrators of Intellectual Property Rights crimes
  • Encourage innovation and creativity
  • Eradicate counterfeit and substandard products from the market.

The Unit enforces and protects intellectual property rights by prosecuting perpetrators of Intellectual property crimes, educating and encouraging members of the public on the benefits of respecting Intellectual Property Rights like all other property rights andthe dangers of copyright and trademarks infringements thereby protecting consumers. Through Intellectual Property rights Protection,the Unit promotes the production of quality goods and reduces instances of counterfeit products on the market which may be harmful to the public.

The Unit operates on a strong belief that an efficiently Intellectual Property Rights system can help the country realize its intellectual property’s potential as a powerful tool for economic development and social-cultural well-being. The intellectual property system helps strike a balance between the interests of the innovator and the public through provision of an environment in which creativity and invention can flourish to the benefit of all.


The Intellectual Property Unit currently has officers stationed at Police Service Headquarters, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Kitwe, Solwezi and Muchinga. Efforts to decentralize the Unit are in progress. From its inception, the Unit made notable and consistent efforts directed at reducing the high levels of music piracy by engaging variousstakeholders ina bid to address challenges in the enforcement of copyright - Audio visual works in particular. The passing of statutory instrument No. 100 of 2013 (Copyright and Performance Rights - Hologram regulation, 2013) is one such successful effort. The Unit has also managed to increase awareness on the dangers posed by counterfeit and substandard products on human health and the economy. This has been done through prosecution of individuals found wanting and giving of advise to right holders and consumers on legal remedies to the manyIntellectual Property Rights infringements they face. Through efforts made by the Unit in enforcing Intellectual Property Rights – with the aid of other public and private institutions, the country has gained international recognition in the enforcement of IPR. This has seen notable Trademark owners such as Nokia, SamsungElectronics, GUD, Lacoste, Procta&GamboKenyaLtd, Phillips, Colgateand British American Tobacco (Z) Ltd amongst others expressing interest and confidently conducting operations aimed at addressing the problem of counterfeiting.

The Unit has also participated in many international and regional operations organized and coordinated by INTERPOL aimed at protecting and promoting IPR and public health. These include

Operation Zambezi 2009        - Pharmaceutical Crimes

OperationTonse 2011              - Counterfeit products other than medicines

OperationGIBOIA 2013          - Pharmaceutical Crimes

Operation WIPE-OUT 2014     - Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Fuels

Operation Pangea 2014          - Internet Based Pharmaceutical Crimes


The Unit, with the support of members of the public, right-holders and other stakeholders stands resolved to achieve its objectives and ensure effective protection of Intellectual Property Rights for the benefit of all.

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