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By Joyce Nyirenda

Criminal Records Office

Reliable records are important in any organization if it is to function effectively. To ensure that these records are well kept for future references, the Zambia Police Service has a unit in charge of these vital records, the Criminal Records Office.

The Criminal Records Office is one of the three sister sections of crime three (C3) of the Criminal Investigations Department based at Police Service Headquarters. The section is responsible for safe keeping of records for current and future references. The other two sections are fingerprints and Forensic.

 The three sections operate independently, though dependant on each other and all are currently answerable to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (C3).

 Records section just like any other section in the Police Service has its core functions.

 Core Functions of Criminal Records Office

 •  keeping and maintaining criminal records,

 •  Providing true and correct information whenever a need of previous record arises,

 •  Clearance of certificates for Registrar of societies,

 •  Clearance of certificates for Firearms and also for Reservist.

 • The office ensures records are organized, protected and controlled so that they can be effectively used overtime.


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 Juvenile Offender

Apart from record keeping, the section is responsible in ensuring that before a juvenile is released on Licence, they open a Criminal Bureau book file in respect of that juvenile and the number is sent to the Reformatory or any approved school where he or she is serving or about to be released.

After all has been done, the reformatory or approved school then complete ZP form 18 and take portrait photographs of them and forward to criminal Record Office where a criminal record file is prepared and afterwards forwarded to the stations where the released juvenile is expected to reside.

The introduction of computer has made this work even more easy and reliable because information can be captured and kept safely within the shortest possible time.


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