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United Nations peace operations are frequently mandated to assist in the reform, restructuring and rebuilding of national law enforcement agencies in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Organizational structure of law enforcement agencies is frequently in disarray, with no particular focus on service to the community at large, often resulting in enforcement agencies losing their primacy in maintaining law and order.

The United Nations through the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) policies defines and describes methodologies to conduct standardized practices of policing for United Nations police officers (UNPOL) in their capacities as advisor's, mentors, trainers and monitors in peace operations as they assist in the reform, restructuring and rebuilding of local law enforcement agencies.

DPKO is the operational arm for all United Nations peacekeeping operations, and is responsible for the conduct, management, direction, planning and preparation of those operations. It develops plans and methodologies for peacekeeping operations (Office of Operations, Military Division and Civil Police Division); secures, through negotiations with governments, the personnel and equipment required for operations; provides logistical and administrative support for operations and political or humanitarian missions; proposes resource requirements, and monitors and controls funds related to peacekeeping activities.



The history of peacekeeping in the Zambia Police Service dates back to 1989 when Zambia sent 50 Zambian Police officers to Namibia.

Over the years, the Zambia police service has continued to participate in peace support operations numbering up to 13 missions worldwide; these are:

  1. United Nations Transition Assistant Group (UNTAG) Namibia
  2. United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)
  3. United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNMIT)
  4. United Nations Operations in Somalia (UNOSOM)
  5. United Nations Operations in Mozambique
  6. United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR)
  7. United Nations Mission of Observers in Angola (MONUA)
  8. United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)
  9. United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone ( UNAMSIL)
  10. United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
  11. United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
  12. United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
  13. United Nations African Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID.
  14. Individual police officers
  15. Professionals (specialists)
  16. Formed Police Unit

Current Contribution to Peacekeeping:

The total number of officers sent on peace support operations by the Zambia Police Service, including those that are currently still in missions stands at 1615; the record of these men and women has been outstanding in terms of performance and also in the enhancement of peace processes bringing about stability in destabilised countries.

The UN police component of peace support operations has three categories of deployment:-

  1. Individual police officers
  2. Professionals (specialists)
  3. Formed Police Unit

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