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MR. GRAPHEL MUSAMBA  2023  Zambia Police Service, is charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace, law and order in all our communities      country-wide. In order to effectively and efficiently execute its mandate ....Read More

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Zambia Police is one of the departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs whose main responsibility is to enforce the law against all forms of crime and disorder in order to maintain peace and order throughout Zambia. Its headquarters is domiciled at plot number 3528 Ridgeway at the junction of Independence Avenue and Government road in Lusaka District of Lusaka Province. The operational functionaries of the institution are known as divisions located in each of the ten provinces of the country and Special Support Groups which are State House, Paramilitary, Mobile Unit, Lilayi Police Training School, Protective Unit and Airports. The divisions are segmented into police districts, police stations and police posts.


The Zambia Police is mandated by the Constitution of Zambia to:

i.          Protect life and property;

ii.         Preserve law and order;

iii.        Detect and prevent crime;

iv.        Cooperate with the civilian and other security organs established under the constitution;

v.         Apprehend offenders against peace; and

vi.        Preserve peace.


As outlined in the Zambia Police 2013 –2016 strategic plan:

The Zambia Police Vision Statement is describing the future successful state of the Zambia Police.

The Institutional Mission Statement is justifying the fundamental purpose for the continued existence of the Zambia Police in the next four years.

The Value Statement is outlining the core value system or beliefs, norms that will govern the behaviour and conduct of the Zambia Police Force staff in the performance of their duties.

The Goal Statement is projecting strategically what the Zambia Police Force intends to achieve in the next four years and against which it will be held accountable.


The current organizational structure of the Zambia Police constitutes Police Headquarters and Police Divisions.

Zambia Police Headquarters

The Zambia Police Headquarters comprises the offices of the Inspector General of Police and two Deputy Inspector Generals of Police who are responsible for administration and Special Support activities respectively. There are also five Directorates under which are Sections and Units.


The Office of the Inspector General of Police

This office is the highest in the hierarchy of authority of the Zambia Police. The Inspector General of Police commands, superintends, directs and controls the functions of the Zambia Police Force. The assistants to the Inspector General of Police are the two Deputy Inspector Generals of Police as alluded to above.

The Office of Deputy Inspector General of Police

The office of Deputy Inspector General of Police is the second in the chain of command of the Zambia Police Force and assists the Inspector General of Police in the administration of the institution. Under the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of administration is the office of Commissioner in charge of administration.


The Zambia Police Headquarters consists of five Directorates which are Administration, Crime Prevention and Support Services, Criminal Investigation Department, Technical Services and Medical. All the Directorates are headed by Deputy Commissioners of Police.


Zambia Police Divisions

There are 17 divisions, 10 of which are named in accordance with geographical locations of provinces. The divisions aligned to provinces include the following; Lusaka, Copperbelt, Central, Northern, Eastern, Luapula, North western, Western, Southern and Muchinga while the rest are State House, School of Public Order and Maintenance, Protective Unit, Paramilitary, Lilayi Police Training School, Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority(TAZARA) Division and Airports Division.

Divisions situated in provinces and State House are headed by Commissioners of Police appointed by the President of the Republic of Zambia while School of Public Order and Maintenance, Protective Unit, Paramilitary, Lilayi Police Training School, TAZARA and Airports Division are headed by officers of the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police. Divisions are further subdivided into Police Districts made of Police Stations. The Stations are further broken down into Police Posts.

Police Districts

The Zambia Police had a total number of 24 Police Districts headed by an officer commanding of the rank of Senior Superintendent apart from Kitwe and Ndola districts which are headed by Assistant Commissioners of Police.


Police Stations

Zambia Police has a total number total of 148 police stations countrywide. The Police Stations are further classified as Grade A, Grade B and Grade C headed by officers of the ranks of Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents and Chief Inspectors respectively.

There are four (04) grade A police stations, 99 grade B police stations and 45 grade C police stations.

In jurisdictions where police districts exist, the Officer-in-Charge of police station reports to the Officer Commanding of a police district while in areas without police districts, the officer in charge reports directly to the Commissioner of Police of the respective province.


A police post is the lowest operational level in Police divisions and is headed by a police officer of the rank of Inspector. The total number of Police Post stands at 294.

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