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MR. GRAPHEL MUSAMBA  2023  Zambia Police Service, is charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace, law and order in all our communities      country-wide. In order to effectively and efficiently execute its mandate ....Read More

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The Zambia Police protective Unit is one of the supporting Service groups of the Zambia Police Service. Initially, the unit was under the office of the president until 1971 when it was transferred to Zambia Police Force. It was then that it came to be called Zambia Police Physical Security. Due to its growing in stature, it was renamed Zambia Police protective Unit in 1976.

The unit is commanded by a Commanding officer at the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) and deputised by an Assistant Commissioner of Police. In the past police officers under this unit were addressed as Government Security Guards and they did not receive any training in police duties. In 1979, the unit sent 497personnel for in service training at paramilitary Police Training School in Sondela. Since then, the officers under the unit have been drawn from both paramilitary and Mobile Unit in Kanfinsa (Police Annual Report, 1976:28)

Zambia Police protective Unit is located at cabinet Annex, off Fairley Road and it has ten branches in all the 10 provinces of the Country.



  • To maintain the security of Government property under its jurisdiction
  • To prevent criminal acts over vital installations
  • To prevent all unauthorised persons from entering upon government property under guard
  • To conduct all necessary investigations for the protection of Government property
  • To promote goodwill and understanding between government employees and the general public
  • To ensure that security instructions issued by Government are followed by all
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