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IG 20210914-102552  Zambia Police Service, is charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace, law and order in all our communities      country-wide. In order to effectively and efficiently execute its mandate ....Read More

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Zoom Kobe Elite High General Offences
  • Failing to report the loss or destruction of a firearm licence.
  • Failing to report the finding of a firearm licence which has been lost.
  • Failing to surrender the duplicate licence when the original has been lost
  • Failing to deposit in a public warehouse any firearm and ammunition for which the renewal of a firearm licence has been refused.
  • Failing to deposit in a public warehouse within 48 hours any firearm or ammunition in respect of which notice of the withdrawal of the firearm licence has been served.
  • Selling, letting or giving any firearm to a young a person under (21 years ) without lawful excuse,
  • Failing to produce a firearm licence when asked to do so by any police officer.
  • Failing to permit a police officer to read a firearm licence when a police officer demands to do so.
  • Refusing to give name and address or giving a false name and address when asked to do so by any police officer.
  • Failing to produce any firearm or ammunition to a specified place when asked to do so by any police officer or authorised officer.
  • Selling or transferring any firearm or ammunition to any other person who is not a firearms dealer or the holder of firearms licence.
  • Failing to produce firearms dealer’s licence when asked to do so by any police officer.
  • Failing to keep a dealer’s register (i.e. a register in which a firearms dealer enters particulars of all firearms and ammunition he had sold, transferred, repaired or tested).
  • Making any false entry in a dealer’s register.
  • Giving false name and address etc. to a firearms dealer.
  • Unlawfully manufacturing any firearms or ammunition.
  • Repairing, testing or proving any firearm without being a registered firearms dealer or without a permit from an authorised officer.
  • Converting any firearm without written permission of an authorised officer
  • Failing to secure firearms or ammunition
  • Failing to report the loss of any firearm.
  • Failing to take precautions against injury or damage while handling any firearm.
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